Speaker and Presenters Information

Publishable Papers


It is intended to publish all papers, multimedia presentations, electronic posters, and other poster briefs onto a conference CD provided the appropriate files are received by the final publication due date.

The principal conference proceedings will be the Conference CD however a bound hardcopy of conference proceedings will also be available at additional cost.

Presenters are required to release copyright over their submissions to allow for MPAS hardcopy and electronic publication. This is for publication purposes only. Intellectual and ongoing publication copyright remains at all times with the author.

To facilitate publication and ensure a smooth flow of presentation during the conference, the following guidelines should be considered by all presenters.

1) The preferred format for publishable papers is a pdf file.
2) MS-Word files will be accepted however the placement of diagrammes can change with various versions of MS-Word and the final published version may differ from that expected by the presenter.
3) MPAS will make every endeavour to ensure publishable papers submitted in MS-Word format are of publishable appearance.
4) Papers submitted in MS-Word format will be converted to pdf file format by MPAS.
5) Hard copy papers will be accepted and will be scanned for publication purposes.
Authors may submit separate versions of their papers for hardcopy and electronic publication
7) For copyright protection purposes authors should ensure all photographs and diagrams have appropriate source acknowledgements

For consistency, please use the following formats:
Page Size = A4
Font = Times Roman 12pt
Gutter = 2cm
Margins Mirrored


During the convention presentations no time will be allowed for change-over of electronic equipment. It is planned to pre-load all multimedia presentations onto a single computer to be used for display purposes. Presenters may use their own laptop computers and data switch facilities will be available to support this.


Posters are free-form displays. Typical posters will be allowed upto A3 size. If presenters require more space please advise the convenor of your requirements.

Pin boards and adhesive display boards will be available for poster presenters. If poster presenters wish to use their own display boards please advise the convenor of your space requirements.


Multimedia Poster Presentation.

Multimedia Poster Presentations may be in MS-Powerpoint or Video files. Please check with the NACAA Convenor if other formats are being considered.

 All multimedia posters will be combined into a single looped presentation for display puposes.

Multimedia Poster Presenter may supply their own equipment. Please advise the convenor of your space requirements.